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What is the "Welcome to Medicare" preventive Medical Office visit?


A one-time free and easy benefit that helps you and us plan for your health.

The "Welcome to Medicare" preventive visit helps you and your doctor develop a customized and personalized plan to prevent disease, improve your health, and help you stay well, Disease and Ailment free . A few things you should know:

It’s easy to use this benefit. Just call us at 301-277-3555  when you sign up for Medicare. If You can sign up for the visit during the first 12 months you have Medicare Insurance . After the first year, you can get a yearly (annual) “Wellness” visit .

It’s comprehensive. The visit includes a review of your medical and surgical history; preventive tests, investigations ,workup and screenings; and planning for a healthy future.

The visit is covered by Original Medicare ( Part B) and Medicare MCO and Advantage Plans.


What should I expect during the visit?


A comprehensive physical and evaluation of your medical history and any other relevant factors or issues.

During the visit,we  will:

Record and evaluate your medical and family history, current health conditions, and prescription medications you are currently taking.

Check your vital signs including blood pressure, vision, weight, and height to get a baseline for your care.

Make sure you're up-to-date with preventive screenings and Preventive services, such as cancer screenings and shots.

Order further tests, depending on your general health ,medical history and our Physicians medical assessment.

Following the visit, your doctor will give you a plan or checklist with free screenings and preventive services that you need.


What should I bring to my "Welcome to Medicare" preventive visit?

Medical records, family health history , allergies and a list of prescription drugs.

Medical records, including immunization records. Even if your current doctor does the visit, gather as much medical information as you can to make sure nothing is overlooked.

Family health history. Try to learn as much as you can about your family's health history and illness before your appointment. The information will help you and your doctor better understand what screenings you should get and what to watch for in the future.

Prescription drugs. Bring a list of any prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, and supplements that you currently take, how often you take them, and why. This is very important and must not be overlooked

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