MEDICARE.MD is a full Primary Medical Care and Treatment service clinic offered by Board Certified Internal Medicine Physicians and Specialists utilizing Electronic Health Records and Sign in systems. We are able to schedule Short Notice Appointments and treat our Medicare Insurance Patients applying the highest standards of Medical Care. Call 301-277-3555 to schedule an appointment.

Six Must Do Things When You Get Medicare


1. Fill out an Initial Enrollment Questionnaire Form

Make sure your medical invoices and bills are paid correctly in a timely fashion by filling out this questionnaire and to Medicare Insurance Plan Administrator, or complete it over the phone with the help of a customer care representative, the other alternative is sending it by mail.


2. Fill out The Authorization Form

Medicare can't disclose personal health information about you to anyone unless you give authorization in writing first.


3. Make a "Welcome to Medicare" Preventive Visit Appointment with us. Phone: 301-277-3555


This a  free one-time comprehensive visit is offered during the first 12 months you have Medicare.


4. Sign up for is a secure online service where you can access your personal Medicare information 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


5. Choose and Join a Medicare Drug Plan (Medicare Part D) and Secondary Insurance or Supplemental Insurance.

If you're new to Medicare, you have 7 months to join a Medicare Prescription drug plan.


6. Check your health benefits?

Medicare's official "Your Medicare Benefits" publication explains the rules about which health care services, Inpatient , outpatient benefits and supplies Medicare covers.